Starting Wednesday, May 20th we will begin carry out orders. 
Comfort Cuisine Key:
Pt is our regular order (rice and two hush puppies) Qt is family size or double (extra rice and 4 puppies)

Pre-orders open at 11 am until 2 pm via FACEBOOK MESSENGER.
**Please do not attempt to message us early.
Include your contact phone number, the items requested and the time preferred for pick up between 4-8 pm.
We will confirm your order after 2 pm via that message with a total and pick up time (based on availability).
No time is guaranteed as we will be dealing with multiple orders at the same time. For example: if you request 5:30 and we are full for orders at that time, we will aim for another time slot as close to your requested time if possible.

Phone orders do not begin until 3 pm and will halt when we are full of orders for the evening. 269-414-4446
**Do not leave a message on our Voicemail with an order. It will be impossible for us to get to our VM with calls coming in.
Please call back.
If you still can't get through shoot us a message on FB messenger with your number and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. We have only one phone line and will be taking orders as quickly as possible.
Please have patience. 
Menu items are based on availability. Once they are sold out for the evening they are gone.
We are not accepting item substitutions. They are as is.
We understand that some of you would like to add certain things but if its not listed, its not available.
We are in the middle of a menu change as well so our "old" full menu is not available.
We will slowly incorporate new items in and include daily specials when we work out the kinks! 

Once you have ordered and you have your time of pick up please pull into the front of the building at your designated time. If something comes up and you're late please let us know! Don't order and not show up. That is just mean.
No one will be allowed into Fat Cam's.
Our pick up window is our BAR WINDOW directly to the left of the front doors. (Signs will be posted).
Please adhere to the six foot guidelines as you wait. We are putting down the "road runner" X's for your convenience.
If you choose to stay in your vehicle just let us know the make, model and color of your vehicle upon ordering and we will run it out to you.
CASH payment will make the process much faster and safer for all of us.
If you choose to pay with a card we are accepting VISA and MASTERCARD (swiped on our system) and will provide you with a sanitized pen. We do not accept payment over the phone (this is due to increased credit card charges). 
We will not be selling gift cards until we open for dine-in service. We do accept them if they have been previously purchased. 

We understand that there are several places you can redeem them, but at this state in our re-opening we cannot accept them.
If you have any issues with this feel free to contact the club. We have made our stance clear to them.
We are sorry if this causes anyone ill feelings but we have been closed for two months and its not a direction we are comfortable going in until we open back up for dine-in. 

So many changes, so many new guidelines and so little time.
We want to thank you for being such strong supporters of Fat Cam's.
You have all become family. Our family!
As in the great Bill Pullman would say:
I apparently have watched way too much television during what we call "Q-TIME!" Let's get this ball rolling again shall we?
We love you all! 
Kate and Cameron