Welcome TO FAT CAM'S


Regular Hours: 

​Closed until August 2022

​TEMPORARILY CLOSED until August 2022


Hello friends,  

We are not the same Fat Cam's as we have been the last decade. Like many establishments, we are dealing with so many changes in this industry. We ask that you continue to be patient with us as we navigate this path we are on. It's going to be bumpy but we will make it through.

We would like to thank all of our customers for being so supportive. 

We are currently hiring all positions:






Our new motto is stay small and do it well.


These are our changes:

**Walk-ins only of 6 GUESTS OR LESS**

No reservations.

We are not taking any tables or groups over 6 people at this time. These larger tables are very limited. Please do not come in and ask to be split up if you have more than that. *Try to arrive at the same time as the members of your party because we will not seat your group unless you all have arrived. This greatly improves the flow of the establishment.

As the warmer days arrive this will be especially important. 

We just ask that you be mindful of this and plan your visit accordingly. If most of your party can arrive at 6 p.m. please don't come in and take up a space at 5 p.m. that we could turn over before all your group is here. 

**Patrons MUST wait outside until their table is ready.**

Due to limited space and the reemergence of Covid cases we ask our customers to please wait outside. Alcohol is not allowed to leave the building. 


**Carryout is at our discretion**

Updated: 3/5/22

Due to major supply issues and staffing shortages we have stopped carryout. We know it's hard to imagine an establishment would have these issues but this is our new reality. There's only so much we can do. However, this can change at any point. Once feel comfortable re-introducing it we will bring it back with a unique carryout menu. 


**Our hours will change periodically**

As much as we would love to be open every day we just can't be. We are fully invested into our business and we are also parents. Family matters do come up. One important element that we have learned, especially the last year and a half, is that we can't get these times back with our family. We will continue to do our best letting you know of specific dates of closure. 

Closing Early:

Sometimes it happens. Food supply runs low, entrees sell out quicker than estimated, equipment fails, weather...things happen. This tends to occur most often on Saturday as we near the end of our week.

Please note this website is not updated for these type of closures. Often times we are not able to change our phone message fast enough. See our Facebook page for updated information. We try to post as quickly as possible. 


**We have very limited seating**

This consists of a few tables downstairs and in our all-season sunroom. Our upstairs is permanently closed for upcoming renovations. This is partly why we cannot take any large groups. We simply do not have the room any longer. 

**Please be nice and respect what we have put in place**

We have all had a rough few years. We are running a small restaurant with a small crew and we love what we do. But...this is our restaurant and what we say goes. We have had a few instances of guests being disrespectful and we have no problem asking you to leave. 


**Gift Card Sales**

At this time we have stopped our gift card sales. If you have a previously purchased gift card, we are still accepting them. 



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